Various fluids contribute to the effective operation of a car, truck, or another vehicle. When you see spots and slicks underneath a car, don't ignore the problem. Leaking fluids means there will be less fluid inside the vehicle doing its job. Running short on motor oil or transmission fluid would be disastrous. The engine's components and transmission gears would lose lubrication and could end up ruined. If all the oil leaked out, for example, your engine would end up totaled.

Identifying the specific fluid requires knowing the different colors of the liquid. New motor oil is light green, and it turns to brown and black as it ages. Brand new transmission fluid is pinkish. Determining fluid levels requires checking the appropriate dipstick. If the fluid runs low, the stick indicates the problem.

Brake fluid, differential fluid, and coolant are other essential fluids to keep an eye on. They can leak, too. When they do, serious problems arise.

The second you notice a leak, take action. The service team at our dealership could help you with maintenance concerns.

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