Loading items into your SUV doesn't have to take a lot of thought, but you do need to take the proper care to ensure that they are secure and that they won't block your view. Try to separate the items that you're going to pack into those that are lightweight and those that are a bit heavier. As you travel in Boise, ID, you want to have the weight distributed as evenly as possible in your vehicle.

If there is anything that you know that you might need while you're traveling, you want to keep it close to the driver's seat so that it can be easily reached. A cargo net can usually be installed by Lyle Pearson Volvo Cars Boise so that you can keep items separated when needed.

Items that are too large to fit inside your SUV should be placed on your luggage rack. If they need to be extended from your vehicle with the tailgate open, you should put a bright flag on the end of the item to alert other drivers.

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