If you are in the market for a small sporty and stylish sedan then you should take the Volvo S60 R-Design for a spin. The S60 R-Design is a blast to drive and is extremely luxurious to be in. Volvo has used only the best materials throughout the S60 R-Design to make it as sporty as it can be.

One thing you will notice throughout the whole S60 R-Design is that there is gloss black everywhere. Gloss black accents give the R-Design a much more menacing look the S60 and make it stand out from standard luxury sedans. It also comes with awesome aluminum inlays throughout the interior and you will struggle to find a surface that doesn't feel luxurious.

The Volvo S60 R-Design is the perfect sports car if you want a daily driver that stands out from other luxury cars in Boise. Our team at Lyle Pearson Volvo Cars Boise can help you make your Volvo S60 R-Design your own and we can get you set up on a test drive so you can see how sporty it really is.



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