Experience Turbo Charging Power With the Volvo S60

Having a car that is just as powerful as it is fast seems like a constant compromise. This is why the Volvo S60 is such an anomaly in the market, being one of the best luxury compact sedans you can find. With its supercharger, the included T5 engine allows you to get a turbo boost a high revs while saving the boost when you’re going at lower revs, allowing you to never worry about getting the most out of your engine. It even comes with an innovative engine management system to make sure this never happens!

Need to make a pit stop? This is no problem with the Volvo S60, as the Capless Fuel Filling system makes it possible for you to get filled up and back on the road as soon as possible. Simply press the button on your car keys to open the fueling system, insert the nozzle, and remove the nozzle when you’re done to close it!

Come experience turbo charging power yourself and visit Lyle Pearson Volvo Cars Boise for a test drive today!



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