Volvo XC90: Keeping the Glare Away and You on Course

Why buy a Volvo XC90? Sleek design and a nice ride? How about luxury? Volvo offers all that and more, especially when it comes to audio and technology features.

Seeing overly bright lights behind you can definitely annoy, and it forces you to take a hand off the wheel to move the mirror so that you're not temporarily blinded. With the Volvo XC90, you can fix the mirror hands free. The Auto Dimming Interior Mirror is the frameless rear-view mirror with an anti-dazzle function. It automatically changes the view when bright lights appear, and it returns to its previous state when the lights are no longer an issue.

Stay the course with that same rear view mirror, thanks to a built in compass. This feature helps you get where you want to go. Find out more by visiting our new Volvo showroom.



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