Winter Tires are not for All Seasons

You have the choice to put on whatever tires you wish on your personal vehicle. You should take that responsibility seriously. The fact is that there are tires designed for various climates, and you should take note of this and adhere to putting on the proper tires if you are serious about safety and value.

It has been studied and shown that switching from winter tires to summer tires as the seasons change saves you more money than if you tried to leave winter tires on your vehicle all year. It might sound counter-intuitive, but the winter tires will wear down very quickly in warm weather. Thus, you could end up seeing the value of your tires go down the tubes if you keep them on throughout the entire year.

Consider this along with the fact that having the proper tires on your vehicle is also a safety issue. With that in mind, keep changing the tires that you need to change as time goes on.



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