Limit Distractions While You Drive

We at Lyle Pearson Volvo Cars Boise are always concerned about distracted driving in our community and want everyone to drive safely. The best way to limit distractions is to prepare for them when they arise. If you have children that drive, keep them safe by going over tips before they drive.

Limit the activity of passengers while you drive. Have something quiet for passengers to do while you are behind the wheel. A good example is books and toys to occupy small children. If you need to help a passenger while you are driving, pull off the road in a safe place first.

Put aside cell phones and tablets while you drive. Only use a phone if you have an emergency. If you can get off the road before using your phone, this is important for safety. Some dangerous distractions to avoid if you drive are texting, taking pictures, recording videos, eating, putting on makeup and drowsiness.



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