Is Your Car Ready for Back-To-School Time?

Back-to-school time is here. That means you must catch up with scores of responsibilities. These duties extend to your car. Taking the young ones to school requires driving a reliable vehicle. Making sure your car runs fine should be a priority when the school season rolls around.

One basic step involves checking your owner's manual. Look at all the suggested routine maintenance that is due or overdue. Bring the car to a mechanic and get all the required work done right away. Do you want to deal with snapped belts or avoidable engine troubles? Requesting routine maintenance work helps you avoid such hassles.

What are those dashboard lights saying? Ignoring the check engine or other lights is not a wise plan. Something is wrong when the lights illuminate. Don't dismiss them because the car seems to be running okay.

At Lyle Pearson Volvo Cars Boise, we'll service your vehicle any time during the year. Let back-to-school time in Boise motivate you to get started.



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